An evening of top notch technical keynotes from industry experts in Web and Graphics

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Two Tracks - Ten Keynotes 2017

There will be two separate tracks focused on Graphics and Web respectively. Below you can find the speakers for each track and their topics.



Christian Heilmann

Senior Program Manager and Evangelist at Microsoft

In this talk Chris Heilmann will take a trip back in time when coding was not a word used in the mass media, and how the concept of it as a saviour of work is pretty limited. We live in gorgeous times as developers and often what we see as a necessity is actually a romantic view of the past.


André Staltz

Open Source Hacker

The keynote will explore the topic of the decentralized web. André will cover of topics such as peer-to-peer browser, off-grid social network, and local development, and their underlying technologies Dat and SSB, both implemented in JavaScript / Node.js.


Adrian Hornsby

Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

What kind of Innovations are powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Cloud? Essentially, everything to do with AI, but especially AI at Edge and Cloud robotics.


Pasi Niemi

Principal Cloud Architect at Nitor Creations

Serverless architecture is picking up momentum. How can we implement and deploy serverless API and explore advantages and pitfalls on serverless design.


Stefan Judis

Developer Evangelist at Contentful

Are you dealing with sequences of events over time and want to save yourself some headaches? The talk will cover the use cases of Observer/Observable APIs, go over implementation details, and cover everything you need to know to use them in production.



Prof. Tamy Boubekeur

Telecom ParisTech. Chief Scientist, Allegorithmic

How to model the world’s geometry with a few numbers? Boubekeurs talk gives an overview of recent results we achieved regarding shape approximation of 3D surfaces, providing multi-resolution spatial interfaces for interactive modeling systems and automatic processing chains.

Timo Aila

Dr. Timo Aila

Distinguished Research Scientist NVIDIA

The talk describes a novel deep learning technique, that significantly enhances the quality of physically-based renderers and takes large steps towards bringing photorealistic, physically-based, fully dynamic lighting to games.

Perttu Hamalainen

Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen

Professor of Computer Games, Aalto University. Scientific Advisor, Valo Motion

The talk overviews Perttu's and his group's research from the last year including the SIGGRAPH 2017 paper: Discovering and Synthesizing Humanoid Climbing Movements.


Vinh Truong

Graphics Programmer, Umbra

Are that 2 billion triangles in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? The talk goes through advanced Augmented Reality viewer on an iPhone and how the "magic happens" throughout the viewers' long pipeline.


Tero Karras

Principal Research Scientist NVIDIA

New machine learning technique is able to synthesize realistic pictures of imaginary people by distilling the “essence” of facial portraits from a training set into a generative neural network.

Schedule 2017

Web Track
17:00 Doors Open
18:00 Grand Opening
18:15 Adrian Hornsby - Innovations fueled by IoT, AI and the Cloud
18:40 Stefan Judis - Watch your back, Browser! You're being observed
19:10 Break - Powered by Umbra
19:40 Pasi Niemi - Future is serverless!
20:10 André Staltz - The Decentralized Web
20:35 Christian Heilmann - Sacrificing the Golden Calf of "Coding"
22:00 After-party starts
Graphics Track
17:00 Doors Open
18:00 Grand Opening
18:15 Timo Aila - Interactive Reconstruction of Image Sequences with Recurrent Denoising Autoencoder
18:40 Vinh Truong - Is that 2 billion triangles in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
19:10 Tero Karras - Progressive growing of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) yields never-seen-before quality
19:35 Break - Powered by Umbra
20:05 Perttu Hämäläinen - Recent Advances in Physically Based Motion Synthesis
20:35 Tamy Boubekeur - Shape Proxies: Modeling the World’s Geometry With a Few Numbers
22:00 After-party starts

Venue 2017

In 2017, Hack\Talks was held at Finlandia Hall, in the centre of Helsinki's Töölönlahti Bay.

Finlandia Hall

Located in centre of Helsinki, Finlandia Hall is one of the most iconic buildings designed by world-renowned Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, and was planned from the ground up for visitors and a wide range of events.

After-Party 2017

All event participants are invited to the official Hack\Talks after-party.



Maxine is one of the hottest nightclubs in Helsinki with a central location and with the best view to the city skyline. In Maxine, our unique after-party will include special themed music and DJ’s! After-party provides great opportunity to relax after the keynotes and network with other tech-enthusiasts. You can find the entrance to Maxine from Narinkkatori, in Kamppi shopping center sixth floor.

Looking forward to 2018?

Hack\Talks 2018 will provide even better experience by providing keynotes from the bleeding edge of technology. The date for 2018 will be released later this year.

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